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Everyone in the Fast and Furious Family has two key traits

The Fast X cast is vast, but not very complicated

Tyrese Gibson as Roman behind the wheel of a car in Fast X Photo: Peter Mountain/Universal Pictures

There are families you are born into, there are families you find, and there are families that you assemble from three barely related 2000s films because they have incredible franchise potential.

The 22-year journey from The Fast and the Furious to Fast X notoriously does not follow a clean arc, or even a logical one. The earlier movies have been run through the Hollywood chop shop and stripped for parts, and a modestly budgeted street-level action film about drag-racing thieves has effectively been rebuilt as a series of bombastic superhero films with cars more kitted out than Iron Man. This extends to the core cast of characters, dubbed the Fast Family.

Why are they family? As far as I can tell, it’s because Vin Diesel, as Dominic Toretto, says “I don’t got friends. I got family” in Fast Five. Ever since then, the franchise stewards have decided that the movies are About That.

Making the Fast and Furious films about a sprawling found family has proven to be a boon to the films’ writers, as they have decided this means that the movies can mostly be about one guy — Toretto. Everyone else is kinda just there to support him. They’re a single multi-ethnic unit where no one really has a story of their own, but everyone has something to offer.

Namely, they all have two traits: a skill and a quirk. Or sometimes they have two skills, or two quirks. A couple of them even have the same traits. Like the cars, the rules are a bit fast and loose.

The Family

These are, as it stands going into Fast X, the core members of the Fast Family. Most are centered around Dominic Toretto or Brian O’Conner. (Actor Paul Walker died in 2013, but his character, Brian, is still alive in the Fast-verse — he’s just retired and raising his kids off-camera, while his wife Mia fills in for him.)

  • Dominic Toretto (Diesel): Leader, has muscles
  • Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez): Dom’s wife, is mean (complimentary)
  • Han Lue (Sung Kang): Cool, is hungry (bonus trait: died, got better)
  • Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson): Makes jokes, also hungry
  • Tej Parker (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges): Does computers (Lawful Neutral), hates Roman
  • Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel): Also does computers (Chaotic Good), has no last name
  • Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky): Dom’s ex, died but didn’t get better
  • Little B (Leo Abelo Perry): Dom and Elena’s son, spunky li’l guy
  • Mia O’Conner (Jordana Brewster): Dom’s sister, Brian stand-in

The Extended Family

A fun thing about the Fast movies is how they frequently contort themselves to fold the villains of previous movies into the family somehow, sometimes entirely changing their characters in the process, for no real reason other than “seems like a cool thing to do.” It is, in fact, a cool thing to do.

  • Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson): Is The Rock, has cop muscles
  • Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham): does kung fu, speaks Cockney
  • Queenie Shaw (Helen Mirren): Deckard’s crime-boss mom, hits on Dom
  • Gisele Yashar (Gal Gadot): Kicks ass, is into Han (bonus trait: also dead)
  • Jakob Toretto (John Cena): Dom’s secret brother, looks like John Cena
  • Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell): Boss of All Government, knows we like Corona
  • Cipher (Charlize Theron): Does computers (Chaotic Evil), villain no one can get rid of
  • Sean Boswell (Lucas Black): The guy from Tokyo Drift, knows Bow Wow

As Fast X rolls into Fast XI (and maybe Fast XII), I doubt it will become any clearer why these people choose to be together, but it is nice to know they can all depend on each other. For roughly two things apiece.

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