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Meet the new PlayStation 5 accessibility controller

Hi, this is Access and it is accessible

The new accessibility controller, a circular device, next to the standard PlayStation 5 controller. Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Access is the official name of the new PlayStation 5 controller — and as the name implies, the device is designed for maximum accessibility. The controller isn’t just a controller; it’s a fully customizable kit that allows players to create different layouts and button-mapping that will best work for them.

Sony consulted with accessibility experts to design the Access, to account for different players’ strength, range of motion, and physical needs, before first revealing it — as “Project Leonardo” at CES in January.

The Access kit includes the following items:

  • Analog stick caps in standard, dome, and ball stick cap variations
  • Various button caps, including: pillow button caps, flat button caps, wide flat button cap (covers two button sockets), and overhang button caps (positioned closer to the center), curve button caps (can be pushed if on the edge)
  • Swappable button cap tags for easy marking
A product photo of the Access controller, a white circular device with a bunch of interchangeable buttons. Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment
A circular controller, with a black joy stick next to it, displaying how the joystick can be positioned closer or farther from the controller. Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

In addition to the physical hardware capabilities of the controller, the Access will also let players customize UI settings. This includes creating different controller mapping and button assignment profiles for different games and setting any button to work like a caps lock, so it can be pressed once and not held down. More detailed information can be found on the PlayStation blog.

More and more developers and console makers are increasing accessibility of their games and devices. Microsoft created the Adaptive Controller back in 2018 for Xbox and Windows PC, so with the Access controller, Sony is finally catching up. Full price and release dates for the Access controller have not yet been released.

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