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All the news we’ve heard about Mrs. Davis season 2 so far

Mrs. Davis could be back with a whole new story

Betty Gilpin as Sister Simone holding a jar of jam in Mrs. Davis. Photo: Colleen Hayes/Peacock

Simone’s battle with the ever-present AI Mrs. Davis has come to an end, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Peacock series is over. The series certainly has a unique world and tone, and it’s likely one that could support even more season or entirely different stories, if Peacock chooses to renew it.

But while we don’t know anything official just yet, we have heard a few things about Mrs. Davis’ possible second season:

Is Mrs. Davis getting a season 2?

This is a complicated question. At the moment, there’s no official word of the series getting renewed, in fact it was even submitted to the Emmys in the Limited/Anthology Series category, which certainly suggests that it could be ending after its first season. However, both co-creators have already expressed interest in seeing the series continue.

Simone (Betty Gilpin) and Wiley (Jake McDormand) sit on the back of a horse in a still from Mrs Davis season 1 Photo: Elizabeth Morris/Peacock

What would Mrs. Davis season 2 be about?

This is where things start to make a little more sense and a second season starts to seem more likely. Co-creator and writer Tara Hernandez told Gizmodo in an interview that she thinks that Simone’s quest for the Holy Grail sort of ran its course in the first season, and that a second would likely have to be a different story.

Meanwhile, the show’s other co-creator Damon Lindelof told Polygon that it was important to the writing team to make a story that felt like it reached a satisfying conclusion at the end of the first season, particularly because shows getting renewed isn’t easy, but also so it could go in another direction if his “miracle on top of a miracle” happened.

What all this, along with the Emmy category, means is that it seems very likely that if the show returns it’s probably not going to be about anything from season 1, save maybe for Mrs. Davis herself.

Would the cast return for Mrs. Davis season 2?

Jay (Andy McQueen) smiling and laughing at Simone (Betty Gilpin) Photo: Elizabeth Morris/Peacock

This too is kind of a tricky question. As much as the answer might be that Mrs. Davis will become an anthology show, if it continues at all, it’s also very possible that it could include some of the same cast members. It’s easy to see ways for some of the side characters to come back, but it’s also possible that Betty Gilpin could simply be the lead of the next season playing a totally new character — because she’s great and should be offered the lead role in all shows, frankly. And there’s even a chance that happens, Gilpin has mentioned wanting to do the show for four seasons (though it seems like she was probably talking about playing Simone for all four off those).

Of course, all of this is getting ahead of ourselves a bit. The show would have to actually come back officially for any of the rest to really matter.

When would season 2 of Mrs. Davis release?

We have no idea when this could be. Based on the fact that it hasn’t been officially renewed it doesn’t seem like it would be coming any time soon. In fact, it seems like the earliest it could happen would be 2025, but it would likely be even later than that.

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