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Ticket To Ride, a decades-old classic board game, may be getting a major update

Rob Daviau, Matt Leacock, and original creator, Alan R. Moon are teaming up for what looks like a legacy edition

Ticket to Ride board game box Image: Days of Wonder via Amazon

Ticket To Ride, a family-friendly experience and an exceptional gateway into modern board gaming, may be getting the legacy treatment.

The original Ticket To Ride, released in 2004, is a popular strategy game about connecting train lines across the continental United States. It was awarded the coveted Speil des Jahres that year, among the most prestigious in all of tabletop gaming. Over the last two decades, that game has spawned multiple different expressions, with maps that depict areas of Europe, Asia, and other continents, and several digital versions for PC and mobile devices.

A CGI trailer launched across social media on Tuesday teases a new edition of the game, which will reportedly include input from original designer Alan R. Moon. But the logo also features two names that cast a long shadow in the tabletop space: Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock.

Daviau invented the legacy-style format of modern board games with Risk: Legacy, a version of the classic wargame that evolves and changes across multiple sessions of play, telling a larger, overarching story of an entire fictional world. He later expanded the legacy concept into multiple additional board games, including SeaFall. The idea truly caught fire, however, when Daviau teamed up with Leacock, creator of the wildly popular board game Pandemic. Together, the pair created Pandemic Legacy, a critically acclaimed board game that’s widely regarded as one of the best ever made.

Bringing Daviau and Leacock together for the first time since Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, released in 2020, all but assures that this next version of Ticket To Ride will be a legacy game. But Asmodee, which owns Ticket To Ride developer Days of Wonder, tells Polygon that it has nothing else to add… for now.

Expect more information as we kick off the busy tabletop convention season this summer.

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