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Will Smith’s video game debut reminds us I Am Legend would have made a great game

The Fresh Prince is heading back to the post-apocalypse

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

No one is quite as helpful for getting through a post-apocalypse as Will Smith, and that’s great news for survivors in the upcoming survival game Undawn. Developers Lightspeed Studios and Level Infinite released a new trailer for the game on Wednesday that announces its latest character, Trey Jones, who will be played by Smith.

It appears that the developers are pulling bits of inspiration for the character from Smith’s past roles, especially his character Robert Neville from I Am Legend. In that movie, Smith plays a lone survivor in a bleak urban setting, which certainly seems to fit Undawn’s general themes.

The developers have announced this appearance as Smith’s video game debut, which is surprisingly sort of true. Despite 30-plus years of stardom, Smith hasn’t appeared in any games beyond sitting for some cover art and a very rough approximation of Agent J in Men in Black II: Alien Escape. But he’s never voiced a character in a game before — although we still haven’t seen him speak in Undawn either.

Undawn is an open-world survival game that allows players to gather resources, build bases, and team up with other players to survive the world and dangers of an irradiated world. Undawn is currently allowing players to pre-register for early access to the game, as well as other rewards, and had a closed beta test in April. The game is set for release on Android, iOS, and Windows on June 15.

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