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Deep Rock Galactic gets scary new season, cool jet boots

The Roxpox plague is spreading rapidly

Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Out of all the four-player co-op shooters out there, Deep Rock Galactic is one of the most innovative. Players take up the roles of dwarven space miners, delving into the depths with hookshots, drills, and plenty of firepower. Developer Ghost Ship Games just announced the game’s new season, Critical Corruption, which adds jet boots, new baddies, and plenty of clothes for dwarven dress-up. Critical Corruption is now available for testing on Steam’s Experimental Branch, and it’ll go live on June 15.

Deep Rock Galactic’s story progresses over the seasons, with new procedural elements being introduced to the game to complicate or change the typical run. The Roxpox plague is ravaging the planet of Hoxxes IV, and it’s making the planet’s mines substantially more dangerous.

The game’s wildlife has been infected and enhanced, and plague hearts that sprouted in the mines have evolved into mobile, dangerous monsters that require specialized cleaning equipment. New creatures have emerged in the wake of all this activity across the planet. The Glyphid Stingtail and Septic Spreader are two new heavily armored enemies, and it sounds like they pack a punch.

The most exciting new tool in the dwarves’ arsenal in this season is definitely the Jet Boots, which appear in crates throughout the caves. The Space Rig has a terminal that lets players test the boots out in a safe place, so it’s easy to give them a spin before using them in the field.

There’s a seasonal Performance Pass as well, which is free and full of new cosmetics. Everything from the pass will later join the regular loot table. The update also lets dwarves toggle a sleeveless option on their outfits for those who want to show off their sick pythons. The particularly fashion forward can even chug a new brew at the Abyss Bar called the Randoweisser that randomly picks an outfit from their owned cosmetics.

Deep Rock Galactic is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.