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Classic haunted mansion thriller The 7th Guest is getting a remake

VR reimagining promises ‘ghostly volumetric video’

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The 7th Guest, the classic puzzle thriller set in a haunted mansion that broke new ground for CD-ROM games, is getting a full remake. The new version of The 7th Guest is playable in VR and will stay true to the original game’s storyline and puzzle-focused gameplay, its creators say.

Players will be able to explore the game’s famous mansion in three dimensions in The 7th Guest VR, developer Vertigo Games said in a presentation shown to press in May. The remake of the 1993 original will feature puzzles that players will interact with in full 3D VR to solve, as well as ghostly inhabitants that were filmed using volumetric video capture. Expect more believable and interactive ghosts haunting the mansion, thanks to real-life actors that were filmed specifically for VR.

Players can also expect VR-powered optical illusions that weren’t possible in the original game. Rooms in the mansion will change shape and stretch beyond belief, the VR remake’s creators say.

A sextet of ghosts, including Martine Burden, Brian Dutton, and Edward and Elinor Knox, gather in a living room in a screenshot from The 7th Guest VR. Image: Vertigo Games/Plaion

But expect the classic The 7th Guest story, as written by Matthew J. Costello, to stay largely the same. Vertigo Games says it has consulted with some of the original game’s creators, including Rob Landeros and Graeme Devine, co-founders of developer Trilobyte, for the VR remake.

The 7th Guest VR will be released for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset — and would logically be supported by the newly announced Quest 3 headset — and other PC VR platforms later this year.

The classic point-and-click FMV version of The 7th Guest is available on PC, in its 25th Anniversary Edition form, from Steam and

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