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Ted Lasso might be getting an AFC Richmond-focused spinoff

Just because Ted Lasso isn’t around doesn’t mean you can’t have Ted Lasso

Beard, Roy, and Nate stand in the Richmond locker room in their new coaching uniforms Image: Apple TV Plus
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Ted Lasso’s third season reached its conclusion, but it’s still not really clear if the show is officially done or not. While everyone around the show has suggested that Ted Lasso is over, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the end of following the ups and downs of AFC Richmond. In fact, it now seems like there could be a spinoff in the works to follow the club and its new set of coaches.

On Tuesday, Apple TV’s Twitter account tweeted a photo of Beard, Roy, and Nate, all standing in the Richmond locker room wearing their new coaching uniforms. The caption for the tweet reads, “Smells like potential.”

While this is far from an official announcement, it certainly does feel like it could be hinting that a sequel series is on the way. This would also seems like the most natural way to continue the show, with these three characters taking over coaching duties at the club and trying to carry Ted’s legacy forward — while Lasso himself is back in Kansas City.

In fact, even the end of the show seems to hint at this possibility, at least lightly. When Ted tells Trent Crimm that Crimm’s book should be called The Richmond Way instead of The Lasso Way, it does feel like the show noting that a Ted Lasso-less series can’t really be called Ted Lasso anymore, so maybe it’s time for a new title and a new chapter.

A spinoff of the series wouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering Apple still won’t say officially that Ted Lasso’s third season was its final one, and considering how popular the show still is for the streaming service. But, as much sense as a spinoff might make, for now all we have is this photo. We’ll have to wait on Apple for official word of whether or not we’re heading back to Richmond for another season.

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