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Coca-Cola’s new League of Legends collaboration claims to taste like leveling up

What do experience points taste like? This soda, apparently

Three cans of the new +XP Coca-Cola flavor made in collaboration with Riot Games Image: The Coca-Cola Company
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

There are tons of twists on the classic Coca-Cola formula, like vanilla, cherry, or zesty lime. But the flavor that’s apparently meant to appeal to gamers is the Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar, which is a flavor meant to evoke the taste of an experience point. The soda is part of a larger collaboration with Riot Games, and it comes in a snazzy black-and-gold can. Coca-Cola and Riot Games announced the new can on June 7, and it comes with “in-game and digital experiences” to help promote the +XP flavor.

League of Legends players can log in and complete in-game missions to earn limited edition emotes. These missions are simple to accomplish: Get seven assists in one match, earn 12,000 gold in a game, or win a game in under 20 minutes. These missions reward the Ultimate Teamplay, Ultimate Games, and Ultimate Tempo emotes.

Personally, if I were to create a League of Legends-affiliated flavor for Coca-Cola, I’d go with salt. But experience points are also thematically appropriate, as players earn these throughout the course of a game as they kill minions and other champions.

Again, the can’s design is also pretty striking, with elaborate gold-and-black coloring. It’s rounded out by blue highlights that are inspired by hextech crystals, the powerful magic source used in the city of Piltover. These hextech crystals heavily feature in the Netflix animated series Arcane, making them one of the more recognizable parts of the setting.

Players can log into League of Legends to complete these quests and earn the associated emotes until July 18. The Coca-Cola +XP flavor is available in the United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Latin America, and Africa. If you prefer full-sugar, a +XP variant with that good, good sweetness will be coming to North America as well.

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