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Fortnite’s new season reveals a hidden jungle full of weapons, raptors, and Transformers

Chapter 4 season 3 is called Wilds

Several Fortnite characters run toward the screen, one has a pistol in his hands, the other is riding a raptor, the other is Optimus Prime. Image: Epic Games
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Fortnite’s newest season, Wilds, has arrived and it brought the Autobots with it. The latest season’s cinematic reveal trailer showed off the giant new hole in the center of Chapter 4’s island, and the fact that Optimus Prime was at the bottom just waiting to be woken up. The new Transformers collab brings with it a variety of new weapons, but the season also has plenty of changes of its own including raptors, new movement mechanics, and new stealth mechanics.

The most flashy additions in Chapter 4 season 3 come as part of Fortnite’s new Transformers collaboration, which includes Optimus Prime himself as the level 100 battle pass reward. The collab also brings in the new Cybertron Cannon which launches huge exploding projectiles.

Among the other additions this season are a variety of vines to slide on and canopies to fight on in the center of the island — where the new hole and giant jungle are. Players can also slide on mud to gain a brief speed boost. After you slide on mud you’ll be covered in it, which also provides you camouflage from Fortnite’s new Thermal DMR as well. Perhaps most importantly, the new jungle in the center of the map is also full of raptors that players can ride — just like wolves in previous seasons.

Like all Fortnite seasons, this one will also come with its own unique battle pass, which includes a variety of jungle and adventuring themed skins. A free version of the battle pass is available for all players, but the premium one will cost 950 V-Bucks if you’d like the chance to earn every unlock.

Fortnite Chapter 4 season 3 is set to run until Aug. 25.

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