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inXile’s new game isn’t BioShock Infinite 2, it’s something else

But you’d be forgiven for thinking it was

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Xbox first-party studio inXile Entertainment revealed the next project coming from the makers of the Wasteland franchise: Clockwork Revolution. It may look a whole lot like BioShock Infinite — first-person action, steampunk city, time disruptions aplenty, and warring factions among a dystopia-or-utopia tableau. But the studio says it’s something altogether different.

That is, it’s a role-playing game, meaning the protagonist is someone players will be able to build and shape for themselves. Secondly, that city is the Victorian-era metropolis of Avalon, and it is quite terrestrial as opposed to the airborne Columbia. The big bad is Lady Ironwood, and thanks to time travel, she’s managed to oppress Avalon’s poor and working class, while reaping wealth and power. Hence the need for a revolution.

“Discovering Ironwood’s scheme, you’ll use a wondrous device known as the Chronometer to travel back in time, choose how to influence the past, and then return to the present to experience the effects of your decisions,” Brian Fargo, the studio head of inXile Entertainment, wrote for Xbox Wire. “In Clockwork Revolution we’re pushing roleplaying reactivity to new heights, infused with the unique texture and personality that you’ve come to expect from our games.”

Clockwork Revolution does not have a release date (Other than “in due time”; nice touch). It will be the first game developed by inXile and launched under Xbox Game Studios since Microsoft acquired inXile in 2018. Wasteland 3 was published by Deep Silver. Fargo noted that Clockwork Revolution will be “our studio’s first AAA first-person action RPG,” and that Clockwork Revolution is “still early in development.”

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