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High On Life is back and bloodier, with new guns, new voices

Knifey returns in High On Knife DLC

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Squanch Games’ High On Life made a splash last year as the “biggest single-player game launch on Game Pass ever,” according to Microsoft, so, naturally, we’re getting more High On Life. A new expansion named High On Knife will add a new “fully realized” planetary environment and all-new characters, including two new guns voiced by two funny people.

High On Knife will have a spookier, more blood-drenched bend to it than the original game, based on the short teaser trailer that Squanch showed at Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase Extended livestream on Tuesday. Knifey, the sentient knife voiced by Michael Cusack in High On Life, will seemingly get more screen time in the DLC, which launches this fall.

High On Knife will include a “hyper-violent new upgrade” for Knifey and “a ton more weird, funny, and surprising stuff,” Mikey Spano, Squanch Games’ chief creative officer, said in a news release.

Knifey will be joined by two new guns: Harper, “an ex-military pistol trying to overcome her past” who is voiced by Sarah Sherman (Saturday Night Live); and BALL, a pinball gun “operated by a chaotic gaggle of little gibberish-speaking weirdos” voiced by Alec Robbins (Mr. Boop). In High On Knife’s “horror-comedy vibe” setting, players will face a new evil in the form of boss Mux, voiced by Gabourey Sidibe (Precious, Empire).

A screenshot of High On Life’s High On Knife DLC featuring BALL the pinball gun and a laser-beam-blasting Bloat
BALL, the pinball gun
Image: Squanch Games

Missing from the original High On Life, at least in the DLC’s trailer, is the voice of studio co-founder Justin Roiland, who left Squanch earlier this year after his arrest in a domestic violence dispute became publicized. Charges against Roiland were dropped in March.

Pricing and release date for High On Knife weren’t announced. Polygon has reached out to the developer for more details, including whether High On Knife will be included with Game Pass, and will update when the company responds.

High On Life is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The original game is included with Game Pass for Xbox and PC. Squanch Games says more than 7.5 million people have played High On Life since its December launch.

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