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Detective Pikachu Returns to solve crimes and break hearts in October

Along with his legendary pal... Tim

Real fans know that Pikachu isn’t just an adorable little electric mouse — he’s also a world-class detective that sounds kind of like a 50-year-old man with a legendary smoking habit. That was the revelation behind Detective Pikachu, the 3DS game that went on to inspire a live-action movie of the same name starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu. Now the Great (Lightning) Mouse Detective is back, in Detective Pikachu Returns.

Announced during Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct, Detective Pikachu Returns will reunite Pikachu with his human partner Tim Goodman (“wearing his iconic red hoodie,” as Pikachu notes) to solve Pokémon-related mysteries.

The trailer does not really say what sort of mysteries they will solve, nor does it really suggest much about the game’s plot — although it does have MewTwo show up, which seems cool and/or ominous. Mostly, Detective Pikachu Returns looks like more of what made the first game interesting — a weirder, more close-up look at the world of Pokémon, showing humans and their pocket monster friends interacting in fun and strange ways.

Detective Pikachu Returns releases on Oct. 6.

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