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All the Clone High Season 3 news we’ve heard so far

The clones will return

Cartoon versions of Abe Lincoln, JFK, and Joan of Arc sit strapped into chairs with machines holding their eyelids open in a still from Clone High season 2 episode 1. Image: Warner Media
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Clone High’s surprise second season has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the end of Abe, Frida, Joan, or JFK’s stories just yet. In fact, there is even more Clone High on the way, but we don’t quite know when. The good news is it probably won’t take 21 years for the show to come back this time around.

With that in mind, here’s everything we know about Clone High season 3:

Will Clone High season 3 happen?

Yes. Clone High was renewed for two, 10-episode seasons when the revival was first announced. That means at the very least we’re getting one more season of shenanigans — though more are always possible.

When will Clone High season 3 come out?

Most likely sometime next year, but since both the seasons were ordered at the same time, it’s always possible that it could get released a tiny bit earlier.

How many episodes will be in Clone High season 3?

The third season of Clone High will be 10 episodes, just like season 2, at least according to the original order for the rebooted series.

What will Clone High season 3 be about?

Season 2 ends with quite the cliffhanger, which should set season 3 up in a pretty perfect place to sort things out. Joan, having tried to have her cake and eat it too, got the entire school mind-wiped — and then undone, and then maybe redone? — so it’s not quite clear if we’re heading for another soft reset for season 3 or if Joan’s going to save the day.

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