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All the Silo season 2 news we’ve heard so far

Juliette has a lot more exploring to do next season

Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette Nichols looking shocked Image: Apple TV Plus
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Silo’s first season has come to an end. The twists and turns of the Silo’s new sheriff, Juliette, played out over 10 episodes on Apple TV Plus, but they didn’t quite come to an end. In fact, Friday’s finale actually opened the door to a whole lot more questions than it answered.

Thankfully, there’s more Silo to come, and it should give us a bit better idea about the mysteries of the outside world, along with revealing what happens to everyone still inside. While we don’t know the release date of the new season just yet, here’s everything we do know about Silo season 2:

Is Silo getting a season 2?

Yes, it is. Silo’s second season was announced a few weeks before the first season’s final episode, which seems like a good sign for the show’s popularity. Apple didn’t announce any plans beyond season 2, but for now we’re getting at least one outing with Juliette.

When is Silo season 2’s release date?

This isn’t quite clear at the moment. On the one hand, filming for the season was set to start soon, which likely means that the scripts for the season are finished or close to it, so the writers’ strike won’t have a huge effect. On the other hand, with the Screen Actors Guild on the edge of a strike, which would begin on July 1, delays are still possible. Absent any work stoppage, it seems likely Silo’s next season would premiere in 2024, but if delays happen there’s really no telling when it could be pushed back to.

Will Rebecca Ferguson be back for Silo season 2?

We don’t know any specifics about the new season just yet, which actually seems like a surefire sign that the series’ star will be back for season 2. After all, if Ferguson were departing from the series, which is about to film season 2, we’d have likely heard about it by now.

What will Silo season 2 be about?

[Ed. note: This section contains spoilers for Silo season 1.]

This isn’t quite clear yet, but the season finale certainly gives us some guesses. We know that Juliette leaves the Silo, and despite images that suggest that the outside world might be more habitable than the denizens of the Silo have been led to believe, things are actually much worse than they appear. Thankfully, because of the heat-tape provided to her, she’s still alive, but now stuck in a barren wasteland where she witnesses dozens of other silos.

With that bleak ending in mind, it seems like there are a couple of places the story could go for season 2. We could follow Juliette through the wasteland, and maybe even into another silo, or we could head back to the original Silo to keep up with the characters we already know there. It seems likely the series’ second season will do a little bit of both.

If you’d prefer a more concrete answer to this question, you could also use the downtime to catch up on Hugh Howey’s book series, which was adapted for the Apple TV Plus series.

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