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The last of Diablo 4’s rarest items has been found

Indiana Jones and the Melted Heart of Selig

A painting of a Diablo 4 sorcerer summoning a huge fiery snake to consume enemies Image: Blizzard Entertainment
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The hunt for the rarest loot in Diablo 4 is finally over. In the past several days, there have been two confirmed drops of the Melted Heart of Selig — a powerful amulet, and the last of the game’s six ultra-rare unique items to be found.

The existence of these six elusive uniques was recently confirmed by lead class designer Adam Jackson, who shared screenshots of each item’s stats on Twitter after players had begun to doubt their existence. Among them are two swords, two helms, a ring, and the amulet. Jackson said the items can drop from enemies over level 85, they always drop at 820 item power, and they can be found anywhere a regular unique item can. “They’re realllly rare!” he said.

That went without saying; at that time, only the Harlequin Quest helm had been found. (At least, as far as anyone outside Blizzard knows — Diablo 4 has sold very well, and it’s entirely possible that some of its millions of players have found the items without understanding their rarity, or posting about them on social media.) But Jackson’s tweet was followed by a string of confirmed drops. On June 25, Polish player YesYou teamed up with streamer NadinWins to show off the first confirmed find of the helm Andariel’s Visage, with its showstopping life-steal ability. First confirmed sightings of The Grandfather, Doombringer, and the Ring of Starless Skies followed in swift succession.

Now, according to two reddit posts, the Melted Heart of Selig has finally been found, completing the quest for Diablo 4’s rarest and most powerful loot. On June 30, a screenshot was shared of a Chinese player’s find, which reportedly occurred in the Blind Burrows dungeon; and Reddit user chabbaworkie shared a German-language screenshot of the amulet equipped on their character, claiming to have found it two days earlier.

The Melted Heart of Selig is an all-purpose amulet that offers big boosts to resistance, stats, damage, maximum resource, and resource generation, with a slightly odd twist: equipping it drains resource (which is your character’s mana, energy, or whatever their class uses to cast skills) instead of 1% of the life you would have taken as damage, essentially using your resource pool as a shield. This is offset by a massive 30% increase in maximum resource, but still, there’s some debate over whether this trade-off does more harm than good.

In the comments on both posts, players were quick to point out the low stat rolls on the drops, and declare the item “mediocre” and “crap.” True or not, do those players have the Melted Heart of Selig? No. They do not.

With all loot in the game now confirmed found, what frontier awaits next for Diablo 4’s intrepid players? We’ll find out on Thursday, July 6, when Blizzard introduces season one in a stream at 2 p.m. EDT.

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