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The Nun 2 looks too good for a movie called The Nun 2; here are some better names

And NONE (ha) of them are “2 Nun 2 Furious”

The Nun is a pretty funny title for a movie. You know what’s even funnier? The Nun 2. Remember The Nun? She’s back. Which Nun? The Nun. Say it out loud to your friends when they ask “hey what movie are you seeing?” Add a dramatic pause. Say you’re watching The Nun... 2.

And look: You would have good reason to! The first trailer for The Nun 2 looks flippin’ sweet. As someone who likes The Conjuring films, the various spinoffs generally aren’t as compelling to me because they rely on overly effects-heavy scares. But this trailer? It’s just good old-fashioned creepy imagery and negative space. The shot where an image of The Nun appears in the pages of a magazine rack? Inspired.

Kind of like these other titles which Polygon staffers think have a bit more pizzazz than “The Nun 2:”

  • The Nun 2: Another Nun
  • The Nun 2: Back in the Habit
  • Nunderball
  • Another Nun Bites the Dust
  • Ready Player Nun
  • And Then There Were Nun
  • Master of Nun
  • Nun for the Money
  • Get Thee 2 a Nunnery
  • Reservoir Nuns
  • Jeanne Diel-Nun, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
  • Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part Nun

The Nun 2 will premiere in theaters on Sept. 8. Plenty of time to change that name, if you ask us.

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