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Cozycore MMO Palia enters beta in August with new content roadmap

Farm veggies, fish with friends, or just go exploring

Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Palia is an upcoming MMO that abandons the usual pillars of swords or sorcery and pursues a much simpler goal: creating a large, cozy world that’s prime for building houses with your friends, leisurely fishing, or cooking a scrumptious feast. The game was first announced in July 2021, and now players will be able to test it for themselves as Palia enters beta in August.

This beta is available on PC, and players can create an account on the official Palia site to participate. A closed beta begins on Aug. 2, but if you can’t get in on that round, an open beta will begin shortly afterwards on Aug. 10. There will be no wipes between the beta and Palia’s live launch, which means all of your progress won’t be lost. Developer Singularity 6 is currently running stress tests for the game to ensure their servers are ready for the beta.

Palia is a game that’s very similar to an Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, except larger in scale and scope. Instead of starting in a rinky-dink tent, in debt to a raccoon, players will be able to access a large plot of land immediately and start chopping wood, mining rocks, and clearing debris. The game is built to be enjoyed either solo or co-op. Even tasks like cooking can be a fun challenge to share with friends as everyone collects dough, preps veggies, or helps by stirring a delicious stew.

The game’s new trailer shows off hunting, fishing, climbing, paragliding, dolly dress up, and hanging out with villagers. In this world, humans were extinct, but they are now re-appearing in large numbers. Luckily, the locals are glad to see humans returning, and they’ll help you get settled in.

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