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Scavengers Reign looks like a beautiful, bizarre adventure beyond the stars

The original adult sci-fi series premieres on Max this October

Toussaint Egan is a curation editor, out to highlight the best movies, TV, anime, comics, and games. He has been writing professionally for over 8 years.

Titmouse, the LA-based animation studio behind Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros., shared a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi adventure series Scavengers Reign on Wednesday. The adult animated drama centers on the crew of an interstellar freighter ship who, after surviving their crash on an uncharted alien world, must fight to build a new way of life while searching for a way of returning home.

The trailer itself is light on explanation and heavy on mood, featuring a beautiful art style with watercolor hues, sinuous curves, and surreal creature designs that feel like a cross between the iconic “ligne claire” comic art of Jean “Moebius” Giraud and the trippy maximalist sci-fi paintings of Killian Eng. The video showcases tons of psychedelic imagery, bizarre landscapes, and unique-looking characters grappling with what appear to be strong emotions adjacent to guilt and regret. All in all, it’s a stunning showcase of a new original series with high ambitions and a gorgeous aesthetic all its own.

Scavengers Reign is directed by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner, both of whom directed the original 2016 pilot short for the series. It will star Sunita Mani (Glow), Wunmi Mosaku (Lovecraft Country, Loki), and Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development). This show has been a long time in the making, and with its debut just around the corner, it’s looking pretty fantastic.

Scavengers Reign will premiere Oct. 19 on Max.