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Lizzo cosplayed as Legolas to play one of Lord of the Rings’ most iconic songs

Petition to cast ‘Lizzolas’ in Rings of Power season 2

Lizzo on the red carpet at the 2022 Met Gala Celebrating “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” Photo: Arturo Holmes/The Met Museum via Getty Images
Nicole Clark (she/her) is a culture editor at Polygon, and a critic covering internet culture, video games, books, and TV, with work in the NY Times, Vice, and Catapult.

Lizzo has fully embraced Legolas cosplay — silver hair, pointed ears, and all. In a series of TikTok and Instagram posts, the pop star dubbed herself “Lizzolas” and galavanted through what appears to be The Shire in New Zealand. Let the Lizzolas era begin.

On Thursday, she flaunted her flautist talents, sharing a mellifluous recorder cover of the opening bars of Howard Shore’s “Concerning Hobbits” — the classic Shire theme in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. In one video, she’s framed by a Hobbiton doorway, with rolling green hills in the background. One commenter declared, “One Lizzo to rule them all” — and I must agree.


Premium Lizzolas content loading…

♬ original sound - lizzo

Just a day later she shared another dreamy clip, showing off more of The Shire. In this TikTok, Lizzo walks down the Hobbiton path, as the sun peeks gorgeously through the clouds, before settling down on a bench. Harp music plays in the background. “Would you read this trilogy?” she captioned it, throwing a hashtag to booktok, who will no doubt eat up the fairycore fantasy of it all. And on Instagram, she shared some additional photos in a gallery, dubbing it “house hunting.”

Lizzo also shared some close up footage of her glittery makeup, silver hair, and pink manicure — all set to the viral audio clip where a voice reads “but she was not just any girl, she was a fairy,” edited over music from the song September by Sparky Deathcap.


Ok… this is ths last Lizzolas post I promise

♬ original sound - arwenn

Over the years Lizzo has shared her love of the fantastical and her love of amazing wigs — having worn everything from a super long silver wig, to a glow-in-the-dark green one. She’s also clearly a huge a Star Wars fan. In 2021 she dressed as Baby Yoda (OK, sure, Grogu) for Halloween, and in April she made a guest appearance in The Mandalorian, playing royalty in the sixth episode of the show’s third season.

I humbly ask that Lizzo be given a guest appearance in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2 as well.

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