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Watch the explosive One-Punch Man homage from Hulu’s comedy Miguel Wants to Fight

Featuring a young man who wishes the whole world was his favorite anime

A shadowy anime-style figure in profile with a raised fist and lava seeping from his visible eye plummets downward and to the right toward an unseen foe in an anime-inspired scene from Hulu’s Miguel Wants to Fight Image: Hulu/YouTube

Miguel Wants to Fight, the comedy arriving on Hulu this week, is beautifully straightforward in its intentions. It’s the story of a high schooler, Miguel (Tyler Dean Flores), who wants to get into a fight before he moves away from his hometown, where just about everyone he knows has been in a brawl of some kind. Trouble is, as the trailer shows, getting into a fight is much harder than he thought.

In an exclusive clip courtesy of Hulu, you can see just how bad Miguel wants to scrap — so bad that he imagines taking on a schoolmate in a full anime-style throwdown inspired by One-Punch Man. There’s a hint of it in the trailer, but you can watch the full clip below.

The animated scene is a fun interlude in a movie that’s already full of pop culture references. It’s the sort of thing that immediately helps viewers understand Miguel as an anime-loving sweetheart who has aspirations to throw hands, but might have more fun just imagining it — because if his real-life fight is won with one punch, he might not be the one to throw it.

Miguel Wants to Fight arrives on Hulu Wednesday, Aug. 16. You can watch One-Punch Man there too.

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