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Baldur’s Gate 3’s first patch targets 1,000 fixes, fan requests come after

Mid-game character customization is in the works

Shadowheart, a cleric, gazes at a magical device in her hands in Baldur’s Gate 3 Image: Larian Studios
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Larian Studios has two patches in the works for Baldur’s Gate 3 — the first targeting over 1,000 bug fixes and tweaks to the Dungeons & Dragons-based role-playing game and feelgood hit of the summer. The second will move on from mere bug-squashing and will start incorporating some of players’ most requested features.

That’s according to a tweet (or post on X, if you must) from Larian founder and CEO Swen Vincke, who offered an informal and undated roadmap for updates to the game.

“We’re all very enthused by your feedback,” Vincke said. “It’s very rewarding. Our focus now is fixing any issues you report, but we are listening to suggestions. Current roadmap: a) Hotfix 4, b) Patch 1 (+1000 fixes and tweaks), c) Patch 2. The latter will already incorporate some requests.”

What requests? Well, one of them is almost certain to be the ability to customize the look of your characters midway through a play-through. Responding to a fan begging for the feature on Twitter, Larian’s director of publishing Michael Douse suggested it was being developed, saying, “Things are being cooked.” Currently, it’s only possible to change the look of the player character during the character creation process, so if you fall out of love with that hairstyle, you’re out of luck.

Larian has been moving pretty swiftly to squash bugs in Baldur’s Gate 3, despite the game’s size and complexity. The three hotfixes released to date have addressed all kinds of issues, from bugs that could cause crashes or block progress, to unwanted penis clipping.

Larian has confirmed that, as you would expect, all current and future improvements and fixes will be reflected in the PlayStation 5 version of the game, which is due out alongside Xbox console exclusive Starfield on Sept. 6. With any luck, at least the first of these patches will make it out by then. It seems Xbox owners may have to wait until 2024 to play Baldur’s Gate 3, however.

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