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Palia’s first update adds pets, new items, and a welcoming ceremony

Unfortunately, the pets are behind a paywall

Players team up to tackle a particularly tough copper ore mineral node in the vibrant and colorful world of Palia. Image: Singularity Six
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Palia is a life simulator in which humanity has suddenly reappeared in the idyllic farming community of Kilima Village. Players can hunt, mine ore, build cozy houses, and grow crops on their properties. The game entered open beta on Aug. 9, and developer Singularity Six has now released a patch for the game with more main quest progress, found item quests, balance changes and bug fixes, new items, and even pets.

The main quest in Palia involves exploring the world around you and getting to know the citizens of Kilima Village and the nearby Bahari Bay. A major part of this questline is finding a “Shepp” who can sponsor your formal introduction to the village. Now, a new quest called The Acceptance Ceremony triggers upon acquiring your Shepp, which includes a “special area and cutscene,” according to the patch notes. Players can also find items that trigger the start of a quest; presumably, we have to return these lost items to their owners.

Zeki, the uncharacteristically greedy general store owner, has a coin-operated machine that distributes random goods. Four new Valley Sunrise items have been added to the machine’s loot table: a bed, a vase, a side table, and a chandelier. Players can earn lucky coins once a day by shopping at the general store, or buy them for 10,000 gold from the black market shop.

Players can also unlock pets — but only if they’re willing to drop money in the game’s cash store. Spending any amount of money will earn you the Sandy Palcat; after purchasing 3000 coins, which costs about $30, players will also get the Nocturnal, Snowy, and Island Palcats.

The full patch notes, which include a list of bug fixes and known issues, are available on the official Palia site.

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