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Amazon’s Fallout TV show is set in Los Angeles, which is suspiciously close to New Vegas

Here’s hoping the best Fallout game gets plenty of love

Cover art from the Making Of documentary for Fallout: New Vegas gets repurposed as clip art in Fallout: The Roleplaying Game. Image: Bethesda Softworks

It is frankly baffling how little has been released about the forthcoming Fallout TV series premiering on Prime Video next year, with a lot of fundamental questions basically unanswered beyond the fact that it will be telling an original story set in and around Vault 33, a retro-future nuclear fallout shelter much like the ones every Fallout game begins in.

Today we got a new tidbit, with Prime Video’s social media accounts sharing the tiniest of updates: Vault 33, and Fallout, will be set in Los Angeles, and it will premiere in 2024.

Out of context this does not seem terribly remarkable — most TV shows are shot in LA. How convenient that this one will also be set there! However, when it comes to Fallout, there’s some interesting implications to the locale. First, Los Angeles is kind of close to Las Vegas, the setting of Fallout: New Vegas, the best Fallout game. Maybe, just maybe, that game will get some kind of shoutout, or serve as a primary text for the adaptation.

Setting the show in southern California also means that the Fallout games’ New California Republic might show up, a faction of the franchise’s post-apocalyptic wastelanders attempting to restore the pre-war way of life. While less flashy than the armor-clad Brotherhood of Steel, the NCR is one of the more politically interesting factions in Fallout; at their best, they can be a vehicle for exploring the notion of “civilization” as a tool of empire, and a way old power structures look to re-assert themselves in new contexts. Which is the sort of thing that could make for good TV.

Fallout is coming to Prime Video in 2024.

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