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Suits season 9 isn’t on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it

The conclusion of the series is on another streaming service instead

Meghan Markle, Rick Hoffman, Amy Acker sit at a conference room table looking at something off-screen as their characters in a still from an episode of Suits Image: USA Network/Everett Collection
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Suits has taken Netflix by storm since it debuted in June, spending weeks in the top 10 and finding new fans looking for plenty of frothy legal drama for their next marathon watch. The only problem is Netflix doesn’t actually have all nine seasons. The streaming service only has the first eight.

But don’t worry, Netflix’s missing season is in another accessible spot, meaning you won’t have to miss out on the Suits series finale. Here’s how to stream Suits season 9.

Where can I stream Suits season 9?

The last season of Suits isn’t streaming on Netflix, but it is streaming on Prime Video. Unfortunately, season 9 is also the only one streaming on Prime. This means if you want to watch the whole thing, you’ll have to jump from Netflix to Prime Video once you hit the end of season 8.

Alternatively, Peacock, Universal’s streaming service, offers all nine season of Suits for your binging pleasure. Of course, to watch it there you’ll have to actually have Peacock, so watching it on Netflix and Prime Video might be a little easier.

Will Suits season 9 ever come to Netflix?

It’s possible, but it’s hard to say for sure since we don’t even know exactly why that season isn’t on the service at the moment. It’s possible that the problem is one of rights, especially considering Suits’ final season only aired a few years ago, in 2019.

As for why that season would be on Prime Video: Universal, the company behind Suits, actually has a streaming deal with Amazon that sends many of its shows and movies to Prime Video after they spend a little time on Peacock.

Is it worth watching season 9 of Suits?

Well, you might as well finish the series out if you’re eight season deep already. But season 9 is undeniably a little weirder than the rest. As you already know if you’ve watched season 8, the show’s main characters, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) depart the show at the end of season 7 to start their own practice (and/or marry a prince in real life). And while the two don’t return for season 8, Mike does get a few returning moments in season 9. More importantly, however, the show also gets to tie up most of its loose ends and close up the story during its ninth season, and seeing the end of the road for all these characters makes it worth it — even if it isn’t the show’s strongest set of episodes.

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