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Street Fighter has an all-new top 10 weirdo

The slithery AKI joins the Street Fighter 6 roster next month

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Over the past 35 years, the Street Fighter series has had its share of weirdos: a feral, green-skinned Brazilian man, a stretchy yogi who breathes fire, milky white semi-solid shapeshifters, Dan, and many more. Soon, the Street Fighter franchise will get a new first-class weirdo, AKI, a poison aficionado who slithers like a snake and, like Juri, is the kind of deadly sociopath you instantly form a crush on.

AKI will join the likes of Necro, Oro, Q, Twelve, Hakan, FANG, Abigail, Dhalsim, and others as a certified oddball when she joins the Street Fighter 6 lineup on Sept. 27. She’s the fighting game’s second DLC fighter (after Rashid) and the 20th world warrior on the SF6 roster. She’s also comfortably within the top 10 Street Fighter weirdos of all time.

Like her master FANG who debuted in Street Fighter 5, she’s all about poison — the toxic substance, not the Final Fight character. But AKI distinguishes herself with a more serpentine moveset. She poisons and constricts her foes, stabbing at them with snake kung fu strikes, speedy kicks, and extending claws. She even slithers on the ground, using her Sinister Slide move. Please enjoy the following GIF of it in action.

An animated GIF of AKI slithering on her back toward Chun-Li, who is backing away, from Street Fighter 6 Image: Capcom via Polygon

Here’s her moveset breakdown, courtesy of Capcom:

Serpent Lash - From a distance, A.K.I. sends her nails flying forward like a chain, poisoning enemies she hits. When she strikes an opponent who is already poisoned, a Toxic Blossom will trigger an explosion and open enemies up to follow-up attacks.

Nightshade Pulse - A.K.I. sends a bubble forward that also poisons enemies it hits. She can strike the bubble with Nightshade Chaser to pop it in advance, increasing its area of effect.

Orchid Spring - A.K.I. places a puddle of poison in front of her which will affect opponents who step inside it.

Sinister Slide - Slither across the screen to avoid threats while stalking forward and perform follow-up moves like Venomous Fang, Heel Strike, or Entrapment.

Claws of Ya Zi - A.K.I.’s Level 3 Super Art pierces various pressure points on an opponent’s body and injects a poison that dangerously detonates from within.

Two more DLC fighters are confirmed for Street Fighter 6’s premium Year 1 Character Pass. After Rashid and AKI, players can expect Ed and Akuma to arrive as part of the $29.99 add-on.

Street Fighter 6 is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

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