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Starfield players are already building up cool outposts

Home sweet sci-fi home

A large spacecraft marked “NG1350” with a base behind it sits on the rocky surface of a planet in Starfield Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks
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Starfield starts with the player acquiring a new spaceship and taking off to explore the stars. There are ways to begin with some real estate — you can start with a home and lots of debt, or go and visit their parents in New Atlantis — but most players just have their ship and a place to crash with the explorers’ society Constellation. As the game opens up, you can then build your own outpostsand some locales are more stunning than others.

You can collect resources from your outposts. You can also add defensive tools like turrets to ensure that your little slices of paradise remain unscathed by attackers. While my first outpost was essentially just a bedroom, content creators are helpfully posting guides on how to create nice living spaces with cozy breakfast nooks (or industrial farms for helpful supplies).

My favorite posts are the ones that focus on just the vibes of a specific planet. SirPeasantbury shared his base across the lake from New Atlantis, and the view is stunning.

New Atlantis is understandably prime real estate, and other players have set up shop in the same location. It’s not the best choice for industry, but the views are unmatched.

If you like nice views but you don’t like being close to the city, there are other places you can build on. Why stand on a mountain cliff and gaze out at the wilderness when you can do so in an ultra-chic chair in your outpost?

Meanwhile, the base seen below on the red planet is humble, but that’s the point. It’s a neat starter outpost that fits an early-game playthrough, and it doesn’t seem that far off from modern NASA aesthetics. Norespawns has even created a YouTube tutorial so you can steal this look.

Edwin B. offers another relatively simple base, but I love the verdant green environment around it. It’s not a visually revolutionary planet, with wild fauna and a landscape full of strange colors, but it definitely looks like a pleasant small base.

Maybe you prefer something more luxurious. May I interest you in this beachfront property? Great for any researchers, artiifact hunters, or anyone who likes a little open-concept real estate.

One player chose to go ultra-simple with a joke on the typical “male living space” and honestly, it doesn’t seem like that bad a place to live. Sure, it’s not much of a sci-fi utopia, but at least it doesn’t have the chaos of a spaceship hatch filled to capacity with potatoes. Why not go live out in the middle of nowhere? Sounds peaceful!

It’s still early days for Starfield, and based on what we’ve seen from the community around similar features in the Fallout franchise, players are just getting started. In the coming weeks and months we’ll likely see some exquisite palaces and incredible centers of industry.

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