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Nintendo’s upcoming remake of the best Mario game still fills me with joy

Look at my beautiful boys.

Mario holds aloft a purple star while Peach, Bowser, and some other less familiar characters look on and cheer Image: Nintendo

It is my longstanding opinion that Super Mario RPG is the greatest Mario game ever made. Some may disagree with that opinion. I think about those people all the time, and how it must feel to be wrong. Perhaps Nintendo’s forthcoming Nintendo Switch remake of the game, announced in June, will change their mind — if they aren’t already won over by all this sweet new footage.

Thursday’s Nintendo Direct offered a few more details about the game, showing off its completely revamped art style and new features, like a boss rush mode.

Mario’s first role-playing romp isn’t just notable for its genre changeup or sense of humor, but also for original characters like Mallow and Geno (not to be confused with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith), who have rarely been featured in other games since. And since Super Mario RPG hasn’t been readily available since the Wii/Wii U Virtual Console days, this will likely introduce a whole new generation of fans to them. They’re gonna love it.

Super Mario RPG arrives on Nov. 17.

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