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Cult detective game Trace Memory’s long-lost sequel is finally coming to North America

Another Code Recollection bundles the classic DS game with its Wii sequel, never released stateside

A cult DS hit is finally getting the love it deserves with Another Code: Recollection, a remake of the DS visual novel detective game known as Trace Memory in North America and Another Code: Two Memories abroad. The announcement came out of the Nintendo Direct on Thursday alongside a trailer for the two-game bundle.

A puzzle-solving game that made extensive use of the DS touchscreen, Another Code cast players as Ashley Robbins, a teenager orphaned at a young age who learns on her fourteenth birthday that her father may be alive and waiting for her on the totally chill-sounding Blood Edward Island.

Another Code: Recollection gives the game’s manga-esque art style the requisite HD facelift but with a big surprise: the game’s Wii sequel, Another Code: R — A Journey into Lost Memories, which was never released in North America.

The bundle will be released for Nintendo Switch on Jan. 19, 2024.

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