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Sea of Thieves’ next season adds a safer game mode with no PvP enabled

Sailing the Safer Seas

A pair of Sea of Thieves pirate smugly regard the treasure they’ve accumulated across their journey. Their pets are in the frame, including a parrot and a pooch. A bone shaded ship is in the background awaiting their return. Image: Rare/Microsoft Game Studios
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Sailing in Sea of Thieves has always had an inherent level of risk. Not only do you have to worry about skeletons, ghost ships, and sea beasts, but other players have been known to roam and hunt for prey. There’s a consistent PvP element to most parts of the game, and it gives the otherwise cheerful world a tense edge. Today, Rare announced that Season 10 of Sea of Thieves will offer a chill game mode as an alternative: Safer Seas.

Safer Seas is a game mode that allows players to head out and experience most of the content in the game without the consistent PvP element. It will allow players to progress up to level 40 with all Trading Companies except Athena’s Fortune and the Reaper’s Bonus. Gold and Reputation will be reduced, but Seasonal Renown will be gained at the same rate as the original game mode, now called “High Seas.” Jumping into Safer Seas will allow players to experience the Tall Tales quest content, earn achievements, and provide a better environment to learn the ropes of the pirate simulation game.

High Seas will remain the primary way to experience the game, including the Captaincy Features, endgame Pirate Legend content, or claiming your ship as an Emissary for one of the Trading Companies. However, Safer Seas seems like a great way to dabble with things that Rare has added over the years without having to constantly keep an ear perked up for the sound of hostile cannonballs from enemy players.

Season 10 of Sea of Thieves will also include Guilds. Up to 24 players can join a Guild, and sail under a common name, banner, and motto. Guilds operate asynchronously; even if players aren’t online, they can help each other out. For instance, players can pledge their customized Captaincy ships, allowing their friends to take them out for a spin — even if the ship’s owner is not in the session, or even online.

There’s also a new competitive Voyage called The Skull of Siren Song. Players will race against other crews to find a locked chest and a key; after opening the chest with the key, they’ll find the skull inside, which should be brought to Captain Briggsy. When The Skull of Siren Song is active, every player on the server can participate, which adds a little spice to the treasure hunt. The skull is a powerful weapon that shoots waves of frost, but also slows down any ship fortunate enough to have it aboard.

Season 10 launches on Oct. 19. Sea of Thieves is available on PC and Xbox, and can be downloaded via Xbox Game Pass.