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Emma Frost and Tony Stark walk down the aisle hand in hand, with various X-Men characters on Emma’s side and various Avengers on Tony’s on the combined cover art of X-Men #26 and Invincible Iron Man #10 (2023). Image: Lucas Werneck/Marvel Comics

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Iron Man has reached his final form: a hot lady’s trophy husband

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Emma Frost

Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

For months now, Marvel Comics fans have anticipated the nuptials of the Iron Man and the Diamond Woman, and this week, it finally happened. Tony Stark, of the Manhattan Avengers, and Emma Frost, of the Westchester X-Men, were joined in holy matrimony over the course of an issue each of X-Men and Invincible Iron Man — complete with matching covers.

But this isn’t your typical superhero wedding! Usually, when superheroes get married, it’s because two characters love each other a lot, the wedding is a big event with tie-ins, and then — twist — they are separated by circumstance.

This time they actually did get married, with an officiant and everything. And it only took two issues. And, most importantly, they don’t like each other in the slightest.

A match made in (the) Hell(fire Club)

The happy day came during hard times for both bride and groom. Tony, the son (by secret adoption) of business titan Howard Stark and philanthropist Maria Stark, recently lost his fortune, his assets, and the rights to all Iron Man technology to rival sci-fi engineer-slash-billionaire Kelvin “Feilong” Heng. Feilong went on to repurpose Tony’s stockpile of Iron Man tech into a brand-new production line of mutant-hunting robots, the Stark Sentinels.

Hazel, née Emma, daughter of Winston and Hazel Frost of the Massachusetts Frosts, recently lost her seat on the ruling council of Krakoa when the mutant nation was forcibly depopulated by the combined efforts of anti-mutant mad science cabal Orchis, future computer intelligence Nimrod, and rogue mutant cyborg Moira MacTaggert.

And so “Hazel” and Tony found, if not love, then common cause. Tony played the part of cowed, drunk ex-superhero and ex-billionaire while secretly building a stealth suit, and Emma played the part of Hazel Kendal, Tony’s new, cheaper sequel to Pepper Pots. And Feilong’s obsession with possessing or tarnishing everything Tony held dear played right into their hands.

Tony Stark and a disguised Emma Frost argue alone in a hallway. Tony attempts to convince her that if she takes off her power dampening ring to wipe Feilong’s mind, they’ll lose valuable intel and Sentinels will be alerted. “Get out of my way,” she says, pulling off the ring, “or I’ll make you,” in Invincible Iron Man #10. Image: Gerry Duggan, Juan Frigeri/Marvel Comics
“Stark—I’m bored,” Feilong says, walking through a closed door, “Where do you keep the good liquor—? What the hell are you doing, Stark? Marrying the help?” “I’m trying to,” Tony says, holding a ring on one knee in front of a disguised Emma Frost, “If she would do me the honor.” Image: Gerry Duggan, Jim Towe, Javier Pina/Marvel Comics

When Feilong “accidentally” walked in on them in a private moment, Tony seized the initiative and popped the question, gambling that the opportunity to crash his rival’s private wedding ceremony to which he wasn’t invited would be irresistible bait. And he was right.

Tony explains to Feilong why he’s marrying “Hazel” over martinis, saying “I wanted something — anything — that you couldn’t take from me.” “Am I invited?” Feilong asks in Invincible Iron Man #10. Image: Gerry Duggan, Juan Frigeri/Marvel Comics
Tony says “No,” but thinks “I had him,” in Invincible Iron Man #10. Image: Gerry Duggan, Juan Frigeri/Marvel Comics
Feilong walks into a Las Vegas wedding chapel with a shit-eating grin on his face, saying “I just couldn’t help myself!” “My opponent slides into check,” says Tony Stark’s narration box in Invincible Iron Man #10. Gerry Duggan, Juan Frigeri/Marvel Comics

With only Feilong and an officiant present in a Las Vegas chapel, Emma Frost and Tony Stark tied the knot — right after Emma took off her power-dampening ring and used her psychic powers to steal Feilong’s darkest personal and business secrets and then erase his memory of anything untoward happening.

Here at Polygon we wish the happy — or, well, contented — couple all the best, and a very, very productive honeymoon. The whole thing went down in X-Men #26 and Invincible Iron Man #10 if you want to read it for yourself.


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