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In Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim anime, Ramona Flowers works for Netflix

Amazon dot who?

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Netflix’s new animated adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim comics is coming this November, and with it will come some alterations to previous versions of Scott’s story. That includes a cheeky tweak to Scott’s crush Ramona Flowers, who now works for Netflix, according to a new clip from the series released Wednesday.

In the original Scott Pilgrim graphic novel and Edgar Wright’s live-action adaptation, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Ramona works as a courier for, the Canadian arm of the “online bookstore or whatever.” In the comic, Scott orders a few CDs to summon Ramona to his apartment. In the 2010 movie, released amid a sharp decline in CD sales, Scott orders an unidentified item from Amazon.

But in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Netflix becomes Scott’s means to lure Ramona to his home. After learning she works for the DVD rental company, Scott consults with roommate Wallace Wells on which DVD to order from Netflix. Building off of the prompt “hot guys,” he reserves a copy of the Lucas Lee film The Game is Over 2 — kind of the in-universe equivalent of The Gray Man.

Not only is this clever (and kinda organic feeling) product placement, it removes one of Netflix’s FAANG competitors from the show that Netflix is funding. The change also feels both dated and timely, in that it secures Scott Pilgrim’s setting in a bygone era of people getting DVDs through the mail. Netflix is sending out the last of its DVDs later this week, after shuttering that arm of the business in April.

Netflix’s description of the above clip teases “I wonder what else is new [thinking face emoji],” implying that that the eight-episode animated series will take additional liberties with Bryan Lee O’Malley’s creation. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off debuts on Netflix on Nov. 17, featuring the voices of the live-action film cast.

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