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Everyone’s getting meat suits for Diablo Immortal’s new Butcher-themed battle pass

Fresh meat, fresh threads

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The Butcher has been a Diablo icon since the beginning. Players’ terrifying encounter with the demon under the church of Tristram in the original Diablo — and the chilling snarl of “Ah, fresh meat!” — resonated in a big way, and The Butcher returned as a foe in Diablo 3 and Diablo 4.

Blizzard’s other current Diablo game, Diablo Immortal, recently highlighted The Butcher as part of its Dark Rebirth update, which lets players venture back to the Tristram cathedral dungeon to get chopped into fresh meat once more. There’s also a gnarly new enemy type called a Shardborne that was introduced recently; you can read more about that at Blizzard’s website.

All this Butcher nostalgia has resulted in the best possible cosmetic outcome: a set of gross Butcher-themed skins for Diablo Immortal’s seven classes. Every character class has an outfit made of meat, skin, and bones as part of Immortal’s season 18 battle pass, which kicked off Thursday. That battle pass unlocks a weapon at level 1, and the full Fresh Meat armor set at level 40, if players pay for the Empowered version of the pass. (The pricier Collector’s Empowered battle pass also unlocks flesh-and-blood-themed player portrait frames and town portals.)

Wearing the flesh of your fellow humans (and other monsters) may not be your aesthetic, but it’s been fun to see Diablo Immortal’s art team get a little weird with battle pass skins. That’s not uncommon for mobile-first games, and hopefully some of these bigger swerves will make their way into Diablo 4 at some point.

If you want to wear a Lady Gaga meat dress in Diablo Immortal, you have until Oct. 26 to work your way through the season 18 battle pass.

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