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Disney Plus is starting its own password-sharing crackdown

The new policy is starting in Canada but it’s sure to come to other places soon

Disney Plus logo Image: Disney
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It seems Disney is following Netflix’s lead and cracking down on users who share their streaming service passwords with friends and family. According to Canadian Disney Plus users, a new subscriber agreement was recently released that included a terms section about account sharing, which seems to indicate that the company plans to curb password sharing.

The email to Canadian Disney Plus subscribers notified them that beginning Nov. 1, they would not be allowed to share their account outside of their “household.” In other words, Disney Plus plans to track the locations your account is signing in from and make sure that all your devices are roughly in the same spot. The agreement also says that certain types of “service tiers” are excepted from this requirement.

While none of this is particularly detailed or helpful at the moment, it does suggest that we’ll see Disney start locking access to users outside a subscription’s primary address, while probably allowing you to add additional users for a little bit of extra money a month. With the addition of its ad-supported tier, it’s also possible that Disney will introduce a new pricing structure that includes the ability to log in at multiple locations, but there’s been no official announcement like that yet.

While this seems to only be rolling out to Canada at the moment, it’s likely to come to the United States, and the rest of the world, in the near future. Netflix also began its rollout of password-sharing deterrents in select markets before making them worldwide policy, so this move isn’t too surprising. Adding fuel to the suspicion that this will soon make its way to Disney Plus subscribers everywhere are comments from Disney CEO Bob Iger, who said in August that the company would aim to crack down on password sharing in the near future.

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