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Final Fantasy 14 player becomes first in game’s history to get every achievement

Levequests alone took seven years of grinding

Players tackle a beautiful, floating sorceress in a battle scene from Final Fantasy 14 Image: Square Enix
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A Final Fantasy 14 player has become the first in the massively multiplayer role-playing game’s 10-year history to complete every currently obtainable achievement.

The feat — accomplished by a Japanese player on the Garuda server, playing a cute Lalafell character — involved ticking off no less than 2,751 achievements across the game and all of its expansions. In an MMO like FF14, achievement hunting presents a moving target, as new achievements are added with every expansion (and sometimes even in patches in between).

What really makes this such an immense undertaking is Final Fantasy 14’s stringent achievement design. World of Warcraft, for example, has accumulated nearly 5,000 achievements across all its expansions. But, while rare, it’s not unheard of for WoW players to max out every current achievement in the game.

Redditor PrismaticParrot laid out just a selection of the tasks the player would have had to complete, and it’s an eye-watering list. Naturally it includes many endgame feats, such as obtaining every single relic weapon from every expansion, completing all five ultimate raids, and soloing all three Deep Dungeons, as well as racking up thousands of victories in the game’s player-versus-player modes.

But getting every achievement also encompasses a mind-numbing amount of grind. The Garuda player must have discovered at least 20,000 accursed hoard chests from the Deep Dungeons, mentored players who asked for help 2,000 times in mentor roulettes, and killed 5,000 rank S marks and 10,000 rank A marks.

And then there are levequests. These simple, repeatable quests are a way of grinding out experience in many activities in the game, including combat and trade professions. But they are time-gated, meaning players can only complete so many of them over time. Due to this, PrismaticParrot estimates it would take a minimum of seven years to tick off every levequest achievement in Final Fantasy 14.

Now that’s commitment — a gaming project so long-term that it must have taken the majority of the 10 years since Final Fantasy 14’s 2013 relaunch to complete. If it’s possible to 100% complete an MMO, the Garuda player has done it — for now. Final Fantasy 14’s next expansion, Dawntrail, launches next year, and it will bring more achievements with it.