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Baldur’s Gate 3 devs sheepishly shave His Majesty, a fan favorite cat

Apologies to His Majesty

His Majesty, a sassy Sphynx cat from Baldur’s Gate 3, regards the player warily. Image: Larian Studios
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Another hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3 has gone live, and it’s full of minor fixes and changes. The list includes changes to companions, weird bug fixes, and a couple of cosmetic changes. Everyone’s favorite devil Raphael’s hair has been adjusted to its original state after an unexpected color change, and a cat named His Majesty is back to being a Sphynx.

There are plenty of animals for the player to encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3, and since Dungeons & Dragons includes spells and potions that let the player talk to those animals, some of them have become fan favorites. His Majesty is one of them, for obvious reasons. He’s a haughty and imperious cat who is furious that he has yet to be served his milk.

Patch 3 changed his Majesty’s model to a furry cat, with Larian explaining the change with the patch text: “Updated the visuals of His Majesty, who previously looked like Steelclaw. His Majesty’s appearance now befits his name and nature.”

You might expect this to go under the radar, but the His Majesty fanbase rallied to beseech Larian to reverse the decision. The newest hotfix does just that, reverting His Majesty to his original form.

Steelclaw, the other Sphynx cats players can encounter in the game, now has a different eye color. This is one of those changes that doesn’t affect very much of the game; you only meet His Majesty at the Last Light Inn, and he’s a simple joke encounter. Fans still love the little guy, and want nothing more than to pamper him and remove any layers of fluff Larian might want to apply.

The patch also fixes a few annoying bugs, like one where dismissed companions would dump quest items in your inventory, causing uncomfortable encumberments. Raising an enemy with a ranged weapon into undeath as a skeleton also works properly now, and they won’t abandon their weapon to go fight in the skeleton war.