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What’s new in Overwatch 2 season 7

Rise of Darkness launches just in time for spooky season

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Overwatch 2’s seventh season will be a big one, despite not featuring a new hero. Season 7, or “Rise of Darkness” as Blizzard is calling the new season of content, will add a new Control map, a big Diablo-themed crossover, and a new Mythic skin for Hanzo — completing the Shimada clan Mythic skin trifecta.

There’s a big emphasis on ghosts, demons, and otherwise spooky skins, as the annual Halloween Terror event coincides with season 7 of Overwatch 2. Junkenstein’s Revenge and Wrath of the Bride will return, and there’s a new cooperative game mode coming called Trials of Sanctuary as part of Halloween Terror 2023. The Diablo-themed crossover event is a co-op survival brawl in which players take on the role of Demon Hunter Sombra, Barbarian Zarya, Night Raven Illari, Cleric Lifeweaver, Imperious Reinhardt, and Inarius Pharah, while battling Azmodan Wrecking Ball, Butcher Roadhog, and, ultimately, Lilith Moira.

Here’s what else is new in Overwatch 2 season 7.

Samoa, Overwatch 2’s new Control map

An exterior shot of the downtown section of the Samoa map from Overwatch 2 Image: Blizzard Entertainment

In Samoa, players will fight over control points at the beach, in a downtown area, and inside a volcano on this tropical island. Blizzard is teasing some Warcraft-themed Easter eggs in that lava-filled section of the Samoa map, so keep your eyes peeled.

Samoa will be available when season 7 launches in a dedicated Arcade card, and will be playable in Quick Play and other unranked modes starting on Oct. 10. It will come to Competitive Play “later in the season,” Blizzard says.

Overwatch 2’s new map, players believe, may finally herald the game’s next hero, Mauga, who is tied to Baptiste’s origin story. While that’s certainly not confirmed, expect Blizzard to reveal a new hero at BlizzCon 2023 in November.

Season 7 battle pass

The season 7 battle pass is headlined by the Mythic Onryo Hanzo skin, but you can expect similarly spooky skins for Lucio (Victorian Ghost), Soldier: 76 (Crimson Clown), Widowmaker (Ghost Bride), Echo (Victorian Doll), and Wrecking Ball (Azmodan) as part of the Premium-tier battle pass. Blizzard lists a few skins as part of a separate purchase, the Ultimate Battle Pass bundle, which includes the Lilith Moira skin, Inarius Pharah skin, and a Pumpkin Spice Bastion skin.

You can see some of those skins in the season 7 roadmap below.

An infographic for Overwatch 2 season 7, Rise of Darkness, highlighting hero reworks, new control map Samoa, the Trials of Sanctuary game mode, and Halloween and Diablo-themed skins Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Hero reworks and balance changes

Blizzard will roll out big changes to Sombra in season 7, changing how her Stealth ability works — it’s now a passive — and giving her a new ability, a damage-over-time attack called Virus. Roadhog is also getting a rework, though Blizzard hasn’t said how the much-maligned tank hero will be changing yet.

Season 7 will also see some changes to Mei, reverting the hero to her pre-season-5 state, and Zarya, whose recently buffed Projectile Barrier is getting debuffed. Further tuning for Orisa, Ramattra, Wrecking Ball, Cassidy, Torbjorn, Brigitte, and Illari is also in the cards for season 7.

Route 66 map update

A shot of the Panorama Diner entrance on Overwatch 2’s Route 66 map, showcasing the new sign that provides cover for the center doors Image: Blizzard Entertainment

One of Overwatch’s original Escort maps is getting a few changes in season 7. Route 66’s Panorama Diner has a new sign that doubles as protection for the attacking team at spawn. The map’s first checkpoint — you know, the spot just past Big Earl’s service station — will be changed so that the metal doors there don’t fully close, giving the attacking team another chokepoint option. Additionally, the defending will have more options to stop attacking team from capping the final checkpoint, as some of the cargo is being removed at the Deadlock Gang’s lair.

When does Overwatch 2 season 7 start?

Overwatch 2’s new season will launch on Tuesday, Oct. 10, likely around 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT. Season 7 will run through mid-December (just in time for holiday-themed events).

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