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This is the best answer to Mobius’ hidden identity on Loki

The Sacred Timeline could use a little star power

Kate Herron discusses a scene with Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson on the set of Loki Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios
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It is an underappreciated fact that most shows and movies would be funnier if one member of the cast was inexplicably recognizable diegetically as their real-life celebrity self — think Kevin Garnett in Uncut Gems or LeBron James in Trainwreck, but with all the meta jokes of Julia Roberts “playing” herself in Oceans 12. Imagine how much more fun Shazam! Fury of the Gods would be with one or two added jokes about Hespera looking exactly like Dame Helen Mirren or passersby asking if she was in The Queen. In Loki season 2, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has its best chance yet to make this excellent bit a reality, and it had better make good on it.

Mobius’ (Owen Wilson) identity on the Sacred Timeline is the best mystery of the season. Sure, we’ve got some Kangs to contend with, along with Miss Minutes and Ravonna Renslayer running through time and plotting, but the enigma really worth caring about is much more inconsequential: Who is Mobius and why doesn’t he want to go back to the Sacred Timeline? With the introduction of X-5 as actor Brad Wolfe in the Sacred Timeline, Loki has opened the door to all kinds of ridiculous plotlines, punchlines, and all the general zaniness that its premise could possibly allow for. Every character in the MCU canon could suddenly be anyone else, and in the case of Mobius, he’s surprisingly reluctant to know who else he could be.

The best possible answer, of course: Mobius should be Owen Wilson on the Sacred Timeline.

He should literally be the actor Owen Wilson, with a functionally identical career to the one he has in our world. When Mobius walks through the world of the Sacred Timeline, he should be recognized in the streets as Owen Wilson. People should shout “wow!” at him while doing terrible impressions, and he should have to react as Mobius with Tom Hiddleston deep in character as Loki right beside him. It would be incredible to see one of the most recognizable people in the world have to deadpan his way through impressions of himself, all while Loki laughs beside him. Plus, it would finally inject some levity in what has so far been a mostly dour and plot-heavy season of TVsave for O.B., of course.

Adding Owen Wilson’s canonical existence to Loki alongside the entirely separate but visually identical Mobius would technically do almost nothing for the general plotting or overall story. It wouldn’t even matter much to Loki season 2. But it would be extraordinarily funny, and at this point that would be a pretty massive win for the MCU and its foray into television, and one it should probably be grateful to take.

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