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Infamous modder replaces Starfield’s ships with Thomas the Tank Engine

Choo choo through the stars

Image: Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios via Trainwiz
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Starfield’s story is ultimately about hope for the future of humanity, but the game has so much scope and scale that there’s plenty of room to make your own adventure. For instance, some players might be pirates and smugglers, while others prefer to protect the Settled Systems. If you’re particularly spicy, there’s a new mod that allows you to replace all of your ships with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Trainwiz is a game modder and developer who is perhaps most known for a Skyrim mod that replaced dragons with tank engines. He’s back, and now Thomas is in Starfield. Don’t worry; there’s a lore justification for this.

Trainwiz writes on the Nexusmods page: “For his crimes against God and his invention of murder, Thomas was smote, thusly. Rejected from Hell and obviously never going to get into Heaven, they say that the Tank Engine has been banished to wander the stars forever, unable to satiate his bloodlust and unable to find peace in his heart. But hey he’s your spaceship now so that’s pretty funny. It always is.”

The Nexusmods page also has instructions on how to download the mod. It’s not perfect; the mod changes all ship reactors to become Thomas, and bits of the original ship can clip through. Trainwiz also warns the player that it’s tough to control in third-person, but they admit the mod is a novelty. Besides, “if you’re installing this mod to begin with we can both agree your life isn’t in the best place currently.”

Trainwiz is also working on Underspace, a space exploration game in a vast galaxy. According to the FAQ on Nexusmods, they intend to do more for Starfield, and “some of it might be serious.” However, don’t expect Percy to join the mod any time soon; the FAQ also states he is serving seven consecutive life sentences in a federal supermax prison.

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