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Arcane is officially League of Legends canon now, according to Riot

The show was previously set in its own continuity

Cait and Jayce in a still from season 1 of “Arcane” looking at a brainstorming board on the ground with red pieces of yarn stretching towards the camera Image: Netflix
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League of Legends delights in the chaos of building a multiverse; champions can moonlight as the staff of an adorable maid cafe, fight in a cyberpunk dystopia, or perform in a musical group like K/DA. Despite all the different timelines and universes in play, Riot has ironed out one particularly confusing distinction. Arcane, the Netflix series that shows the origin stories for champions like Jinx, Caitlyn, Vi, Jayce, and Viktor, is now part of the mainline canon.

Riot posted an update on the game’s official X (formerly known as Twitter) account that covered multiple topics. Developers Andrei van Roon and Jeremy Lee shared teasers on the game’s next champions, and a look at the update for scorpion champion Skarner. Riot also delved briefly into lore and canon, which has become more complex with shows like Arcane, and the library of Riot Forge spin-off games. However, there’s one interesting detail: Arcane, which previously was in its own continuity, is now the official story.

Arcane takes place in the dual cities of Piltover and Zaun, which exist in a symbiotic relationship. Piltover is the shining City of Progress, and the source of some of the world’s technological marvels. Zaun, by contrast, is choked with smog, and the citizens live in fear of Piltover’s oppressive Enforcers. This conflict has led to Zaun innovating in the field of alchemy and chemical sciences, which is often backed by city’s many criminal syndicates.

Riot acknowledges that there are still some contradictions between Arcane and the rest of League of Legends’ lore. For instance, the game Convergence: A League of Legends Story seems to contradict parts of Arcane. It’ll take some time to iron all of these wrinkles out, but Riot has some time — Arcane is reportedly slated for a release in late 2024.

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