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Various vampires sit around a Thanksgiving table, ready to eat and drink

Welcome to the Fangsgiving feast

It’s that time of year

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The man who made Sesame Street’s Count Von Count count

More vampires need to have as much fun as Tom Hiddleston eating a blood popsicle

The best surprise vampires in things you did not expect to see vampires

Night Trap was Hasbro’s failed attempt to make less scary vampires

Nu metal is back — now bring back the nu metal vampires

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Global weirding is coming for the bloodsuckers

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How Marvel Comics killed Dracula over and over again

The celebrities are serving vampire

Dimension 20’s Coffin Run is a nearly flawless Dracula adaptation

The Lost Boys paired vampire camp with real teenage fears

A field guide to the vampire authors who were probably vampires

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I met my husband in a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP group and I’m not alone

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A binder of vampire fanfic cast my mother’s struggle with AIDS in a new light

Why I dressed like a Castlevania vampire for an entire year

Today’s vampire love is all about cringe losers

How China’s hopping dead sunk their teeth into Hong Kong action

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The underrated vampire movies from around the world

Enter the Buffyverse: fans react to their favorite moments from the new Audible series, ‘Slayers’

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Fangsgiving main illustration: itsbabypears

Who says we only get to celebrate vampires at Halloween? That seems unfair to the rest of the year, so we’re planting a stake in the ground and getting our favorites around the dinner table for Thanksgiving this year. Or Fangsgiving, as we here at Polygon like to call it.

That means we’ve put together a week of personal essays, behind-the-scenes features, retrospective looks, and more celebrating some of our favorite vampires and vampire-adjacent stories. Dracula, Lost Boys, Night Trap — you’ll find it all here.

Polygon: Your home for learning how many times Marvel killed Dracula, how vampires will survive the future effects of climate change, and how Count Von Count learned to count. Sink your teeth into this.