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Overwatch 2’s K-pop skins revealed in new Le Sserafim video

Hope you’ve been saving your Overwatch Coins!

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Overwatch 2’s collaboration with K-pop group Le Sserafim became more than a promise on Thursday. Le Sserafim released the official music video for “Perfect Night” through Hybe Labels, and for Overwatch fans, it meant a sneak peek at the skins that are coming to the game in early November.

Le Sserafim’s music video is part glossy choreographed dance routine, part Overwatch animated short featuring Brigitte, D.Va, Kiriko, and Tracer heading to the K-pop group’s concert. After a run in with Sombra — also en route to see Le Sserafim — and some hellish traffic, D.Va phones a friend, her mech Tokki, for a lift.

But the point is this: Five of the women of Overwatch are getting some very stylish skins, enough to fill out a full five-hero team. Brigitte, D.Va, Kiriko, Sombra, and Tracer are all dripped out in Le Sserafim-branded gear in the video, and while Blizzard hasn’t confirmed that these five ’fits will be in Overwatch 2, it’s a very safe bet. (It’s also safe to assume that they’ll set player back a pretty penny, so I hope you have a big chunk of Overwatch Coins banked for November.)

Overwatch 2’s K-pop collab will include a “Le Sserafim-inspired custom game mode and exclusive in-game items,” Blizzard said when the partnership was announced. The developer promised to reveal more about the collab on Oct. 30, and it will go live in-game on Nov. 1.

Le Sserafim will appear at BlizzCon 2023 on Nov. 4, where they’ll perform “Perfect Night” — the group’s first English-language digital single — among other songs during a set at the conclusion of the show. BlizzCon runs Nov. 3-4, and is the first in-person version of the event since 2019.

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