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A very happy unbirthday to Disney Lorcana’s second, powerful Cheshire Cat card

The chonky Floodborn furball has a powerful ability up its sleeve

The Cheshire Cat points out his new Disney Lorcana card, captured in a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Image composition: Charlie Hall/Polygon | Source images: Ravensburger and Disney
Charlie Hall is Polygon’s tabletop editor. In 10-plus years as a journalist & photographer, he has covered simulation, strategy, and spacefaring games, as well as public policy.

Disney Lorcana’s second highly anticipated set of cards, titled Rise of the Floodborn, arrives in stores later this month. And today, Polygon can reveal another new card from the set. Allow us to introduce Cheshire Cat, From the Shadows, only the second Cheshire Cat card added to the game and the first to feature the Lorcana’s powerful Shift ability.

Shift allows players to upgrade a glimmer already in play, effectively stacking new creatures with new abilities atop existing cards already on the table. As a bonus, those cards come into play at a lower cost — requiring less ink to summon. Used correctly, shifting cards in allows players to field relatively cheap offensive units early in the game and then convert them to powerful scoring machines later on.

While some of the cards revealed for Rise of the Floodborn have been heavy hitters — including Goofy, Knight for a Day with a whopping 10 defense, 10 attack, and the ability to earn four lore when questing — this incarnation of the Cheshire Cat is actually more deadly. That’s because its Wicked Smile ability allows it to banish any other character on the table so long as it’s already been damaged. Ding yer pal Goof’s armor with anything at all, reducing him by just one point of damage, and the Cheshire Cat can send him packing. Best of all, he’s evasive, meaning that he can only be challenged by other creatures who are themselves also evasive.

Disney Lorcana has had some growing pains since launching earlier this year, mostly caused by over-eager fans and deep-pocketed speculators. To meet the incredible demand, publisher Ravensburger has moved up production of a reprint of the launch set, The First Chapter, to the middle of November. Rise of the Floodborn launches around the same time, with more than 200 new cards hitting retail beginning with local retailers and Disney parks on Nov. 17. Big box retailers and shopDisney will begin selling them on Dec. 1.