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The best Cyber Monday deals on SSDs and microSD cards

Free up some real estate on your console, PC, or handheld

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Cyber Monday is one of the few times per year when you can easily find great deals on extra storage for your console, handheld, or PC — and your time is almost up. Many of our favorite SSDs and microSD card options are available for their lowest prices ever, so it’s time to get a deal while you can.

Whether you need a speedy, expansion card for your Xbox Series X like the WD Black C50, a heatsink-equipped SSD for your PlayStation 5 or PC like the Samsung 990 Pro, or a capacious microSD card for your Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, you’ll find what you need with our collection of the best Cyber Monday SSD and microSD card deals.

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Best Cyber Monday deals on PS5 and PC SSDs

If you’re planning to expand the storage on your PlayStation 5 or PC, it’s a great idea to get an M.2 SSD with a heatsink pre-installed (or you’ll need to buy your own heatsink; it’s easy and affordable to buy one and put it on by yourself). Best Buy is currently offering discounts on the heatsink-equipped versions of the 1 TB and 2 TB Samsung 990 Pro. The 1 TB model is available for $89.99 (was $119.99), while the 2 TB SSD is on sale for $139.99 (was $189.99).

If you already have an M.2 heatsink on hand, the 1 TB and 2 TB models of the Samsung 990 Pro without their preinstalled heatsink are also on sale. The 1 TB version is currently discounted to $79.99 (was $129.99) at Best Buy, while the 2 TB model can be picked up for $119.99 (was $199.99).

  • If you need even more storage for your PlayStation 5, Samsung unfortunately doesn’t offer its 4 TB 990 Pro SSD with an integrated heatsink. But if you’re willing to install your own, you can currently pick up the 4 TB model of the WD Black SN850P on sale for $159.99 (was $269.99) at Best Buy, which offers similar performance.
  • Newegg is also offering the 4 TB model of the WD_Black SN850X, which doesn’t come with a built-in heatsink but is currently on sale for $229.99 (was $349.99).
  • The best deal on a 2230-sized M.2 SSD for the Steam Deck or ROG Ally is on the 1 TB model of the Corsair MP600 Mini on sale at Amazon for $79.99 (was $89.99).

Best Cyber Monday deals on microSD cards

  • The 1.5 TB SanDisk Ultra is one of the largest microSD cards currently available. For Cyber Monday, Amazon has discounted this massive memory card to $119.99, the lowest price to date for the $149.99 microSD card.

  • There’s an amazing deal happening on the 1 TB model of the SanDisk Ultra microSD card at Walmart, selling for $69.99 (was $129.99).
  • A pair of less expensive 1 TB microSD cards are also on sale for their lowest price ever at Amazon. The PNY Elite microSD card is on sale for $79.99 (was $124.99), while the 1 TB Amazon Basics microSD card is available for $84.99 (was $99.99)

Look out for more new deals as we get closer to Cyber Monday. But if you’ve got to buy something now, there are fantastic prices on Samsung’s and SanDisk’s high-capacity microSD cards.

Best Cyber Monday deals on Xbox expansion cards

  • Expansion cards are still the best way to give your Xbox Series X some extra storage space, since they’re as fast as the console’s internal storage. Currently, the 1 TB model of the WD Black C50 is on sale for $124.99 at Best Buy and Amazon (was $149.99). However, if you need something with a little more space, you can currently find the 2 TB model of the Seagate Expansion Card on sale for $229.99 at Amazon (was $279.99).

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