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Nintendo Indie World: All the news, trailers, and announcements

Here’s everything announced at Nintendo’s new indie game showcase

Artwork of Outer Wilds, featuring a space explorer sitting at a campfire in the woods of a tiny planet Image: Mobius Digital/Annapurna Interactive
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Nintendo’s latest Indie World showcase featured more than a dozen new (and new to Switch) indie games coming through 2024, with some of those titles dropping on the Switch eShop today.

Here’s a look at the biggest announcements from November’s Indie World.

Outer Wilds

Mobius Digital is (finally) bringing Outer Wilds to Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7. The Switch version of the time-looping, open-world space exploration game, known as Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition, will include the excellent Echoes of the Eye expansion. Outer Wilds was Polygon’s Game of the Year in 2019, praised for its challenging, beautiful planetary exploration and delightful mysteries. A physical version of the Switch release of Outer Wilds is due sometime in 2024.

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution

The previously unfinished sequel to Game Boy Color platformer Shantae is coming to Nintendo Switch after a 20-year wait. Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution is coming to Switch in 2024. As the hair-whipping half-genie Shantae, players will spin the game world, explore layered levels, and dance to transform into different creatures. Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution will also include a new four-player battle mode for local multiplayer.

Core Keeper

The beloved mining sandbox adventure Core Keeper is digging toward a Switch release in summer 2024. Currently in early access on Steam, Core Keeper lets up to eight players explore procedurally generated biomes, craft, harvest crops, build bases, and fight monsters in online cooperative multiplayer.

On Your Tail

Narrative life sim On Your Tail sends players on a sleuthing getaway in 2024. As Diana, players will explore the seaside village of Borgo Marina, hunting down a masked menace as they search for leads and collect Clue Cards to solve a mystery. It’s not all detective work, though; Diana can also relax at the beach, visit an arcade, fish, and chill with friends. On Your Tail will launch as a timed console exclusive on Switch.

Backpack Hero

Deck-building roguelike dungeon crawler Backpack Hero gets its name from its organization mechanics. What you fit into your backpack and how you arrange your items are key to survival in its turn-based battles. As one of five Backpack Heroes, you’ll loot dungeons and rebuild your hometown of Haversack Hill to become a local hero. Currently available on Steam as an early access title, Backpack Hero launches on Switch today.

Blade Chimera

Developer Team Ladybug, known for side-scrolling action fare like Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth and the Gradius-like Drainus, delivers a new 2D action game with Blade Chimera. Set in a futuristic dystopian Osaka, players wield the Lumina Sword — a demon-turned-weapon that also slashes through time. Blade Chimera comes to Switch in spring 2024.

A Highland Song

Get cozy with A Highland Song, a narrative 2.5D platformer set in the Scottish highlands, where players will uncover new paths and shortcuts on a side-scrolling, Scottish folk music rhythm game adventure. With hundreds of pathways to explore, the narrative builds and adapts based on the route you take. A Highland Song is coming to Switch very soon, on Dec. 5.


This turn-based, tactical folktale story tells the unique story of a plague spread by sound, and the deaf prophet player character tasked with finding the cure. Howl’s “living ink” art style gives it a distinct look, while a wide arsenal of abilities and complex combat mechanics give it plenty of gameplay depth. Howl comes to Switch today, as does a free demo on the Nintendo eShop.

Moonstone Island

This deck-building life sim lets players explore 100 procedurally generated islands to collect over 60 very adorable spirits, craft items, tend to a farm, brew potions, decorate, and more. Yes, it sounds more than a bit Stardew Valley-esque, but Moonstone Island’s cool collectible spirits help it stand out. Moonstone Island will launch on Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in spring 2024.

Death Trick: Double Blind

Described as a “non-linear detective visual novel,” Death Trick: Double Blind has players investigating the disappearance of Hattie, a magician employed by a traveling circus. Players will conduct that investigation as two characters: one, a fellow magician, the other a an amnesiac private eye. Death Trick: Double Blind will come to Nintendo Switch in 2024, but players can get a taste of its unique detective mechanics with a free demo available today on the Nintendo eShop.

The Star Named EOS

As Dei, players will step into a hand-drawn panoramic world in The Star Named EOS, a first-person storytelling puzzle adventure game that “explores photography and the ways we can capture the fleeting moments that shape our lives.” Players will collect items filled with memories to help Dei find the truth behind his mother’s absence. The Star Named EOS comes to Switch next spring.

Everything else...

Tuesday’s Indie World also confirmed the following Switch games and release dates:

  • Planet of Lana, a cinematic sci-fi puzzle-adventure launching on Nintendo Switch in spring 2024
  • Enjoy the Diner, a point-and-click mystery, available on Switch later today
  • The Gecko Gods, a relaxed puzzle-platformer starring a tiny gecko, launching on Nintendo Switch next spring
  • Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist, a painting adventure available on Nintendo Switch later today
  • Braid: Anniversary Edition, a remaster of the acclaimed puzzle-platformer, coming to Switch on April 30, 2024.
  • Urban Myth Dissolution Center, a mystery game where you investigate curses, haunted houses and other urban myths, coming to Switch in 2024
  • Heavenly Bodies, a physics-based space puzzler set on a 1970s space station, coming to Switch in February