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The board gamer in your life will thank you for these box inserts, on sale for Cyber Monday

Organize games like Gloomhaven and Wingspan with style

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The Gloomhaven laser-cut organizer by Smonex looks like the fanciest board game box ever. Photo: Smonex
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Board games are fun, but getting them to and from the table can be a hassle. Smonex is one of several companies that has created laser-cut box organizers, and they’re all on sale for Cyber Monday. So let’s get your monthly Gloomhaven campaign nights moving a bit more quickly with this $45 organizer. Your friends will thank you.

A custom board game pack-in is a decadent upgrade, but fortunately you probably don’t need all that many. Amazon has quite a lot of Smonex organizers on sale for Cyber Monday. The designs are ideal for all sorts of board game lovers, whether you want a gift for your friend who loves Betrayal at the House on the Hill or your parent who can’t put away Wingspan.

Here are a few standout organizers for popular games:

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