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There’s a Total Recall tabletop RPG adventure, and it’s on sale for Cyber Monday

Same with The Crow, Highlander, Pacific Rim, and Escape from New York scenarios from Evil Genius

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Arnold Schwarzenegger grimaces as memories are implanted in his head — or not?!? — in Total Recall. Photo: TriStar Pictures
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The popularity of Dungeons & Dragons may have peaked earlier this year with the OGL fiasco, which supercharged the sales of everything not D&D. That’s created an influx of new and revitalized TTRPGs, and one of the most unusual by far is a system called Everyday Heroes — which is heavily discounted for Cyber Monday.

Everyday Heroes is a reboot of the popular d20 Modern system, which originally launched alongside D&D’s third edition in 2002. That means it should be a fairly easy transition for game masters used to playing 5th edition. But the real draw here is in publisher Evil Genius Games’ rabid acquisition of 1980s, 1990s, and even a few 2000s-era pop-culture licenses.

When Everyday Heroes launched its crowdfunding campaign in 2022, the selection of licenses — which included Rambo — was already pretty good. But since the core rulebook dropped, developers have followed on with some very desirable modules. Here are all the ones on sale this holiday so far:

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