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Amazon can help you start painting miniatures with great Cyber Monday deals

Everything you need to begin your journey is on sale

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A close-up of a Screamer-Killer Tyrannid against a black background, closing in on a Terminator Librarian Space Marine. The image has a fairly short depth of field. Photo: Charlie Hall/Polygon
Charlie Hall is Polygon’s tabletop editor. In 10-plus years as a journalist & photographer, he has covered simulation, strategy, and spacefaring games, as well as public policy.

If learning to paint miniatures is on your nerdy bucket list, then I have good news for you: Getting started has never been easier, with loads of helpful tutorials available online — including here at Polygon. But it’s also less expensive thanks to Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals. So let’s bring your favorite Dungeons & Dragons character to life, or spruce up that favorite board game of yours. Let’s get started! (Imagine me throwing stuff in your cart as we roll along).

First you’ll need some brushes. Don’t think too hard about it, because you’re likely to ruin them on your first go around. So let’s grab something functional that isn’t all that expensive.

Here, this 10-piece set even includes some big ol’ drybrushes! And it’s a steal at $12.74.

You’ll also want a wet palette. It sits on the desk next to your paints and helps keep your paints nice and moist while you move from color to color.

Paint. Obviously we need paint... Oh! This’ll do! Wargames Delivered has bundled up a great starter set from The Army Painter. No fancy techniques required for these as they’re not Contrast-style paints — just some traditional acrylic paints in a broad range of colors. It even includes a brush-on primer so you don’t need any spray paint at all!

Finally, you’ll need a hobby knife, clippers, and a sanding sponge to clean up those mold lines. You still can’t beat the price on this Dungeons & Dragons licensed starter set from WizKids.

Be sure to check out my exhaustive guide to painting miniatures, which includes details on all the latest techniques like “slapchop,” drybrushing, and more. And if you’re feeling really fancy, we also have a guide to airbrushing as well.

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