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Lofi Girl now has chill beats to play chess to

The Lofi empire is expanding

Lo-fi girl playing chess on a laptop as her orange cat looks on. Image: Lo-fi Girl
Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

Lofi Girl studies a lot. It makes sense that she’d have a hobby that matches her studious nature: Lofi Girl, apparently, plays chess online — specifically, she plays on Lofi Girl launched a new partnership with the chess platform on Dec. 1, opening up yet another place to stream chill beats fit for a grandmaster chess player. The YouTube page has 20 songs, but can also be streamed on Spotify and elsewhere.

The music sounds pretty similar to the original channel, but the stream shows us another angle of her desk, where she sits with a laptop that’s got the iconic green chessboard pulled up. Every so often she’ll make a move, but more importantly, her orange is perched just above the screen, looking on. The partnership is advertising the Champions Chess Tour Finals, which has a $500,000 prize pool and is scheduled to take place Dec. 9 to Dec. 16. It looks like Lofi Girl’s ELO is not high enough to participate. Bummer!

With this partnership, the Lofi universe continues to expand; Lofi Girl is absolutely getting that bag. This year Lofi Girl’s creators turned her into a Lego minifig, invited Kamala Khan — better known as Ms. Marvel — into the universe, and created some lofi mixes to play Bethesda’s Starfield to. These aren’t even half of her endeavors; it doesn’t even take into account Lofi Girl’s mysterious disappearances, which happened twice (!).

ChilledCow, who started the Lofi Girl empire in 2017, has expanded Lofi Girl into a cultural phenomenon, one that’s both making tons of money and drawing in a huge, engaged audience. Lofi Girl’s success have even blossomed into a record label that supports artists whose music gets played on these feeds. If there’s anything you need a chill playlist for, Lofi Girl’s probably got music for it.

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