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Palia’s winter update brings festive celebrations, a new wind temple

Enjoy the festival of Winterlights

Two humans in the snowy Kilima Village of Palia wave enthusiastically. They’re bundled up in warm winter clothes and in the midst of a snowball fight. Image: Singularity Six
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Palia is a cozy life simulator game that continually updates, with seasonal festivals and new quests. A new developer blog from Singularity 6 shows some of the next additions to the game, including winter festivities and a new elemental temple.

Players will see snow coming down all around Kilima Village, as well as new seasonal decorations and the Winterlights celebration. They can also purchase snowballs for a small in-game gold cost to enjoy the experience of chucking them at unwitting friends. There’s no competitive element, just the joy of seeing a snowball explode on the back of a friend’s head. Winterlights is similar to various winter observances: The Majiri and Grimalkin residents of Kilima Village partake in yearly celebrations of friendship, family, and community.

The Majiri are kind enough to provide each player (members of the ancient human race) with their own Christmas tree. That tree can then be kept up all year round, which is an extremely realistic interpretation of human customs. Players can also find decorations for their tree around the game world by opening treasure chests and going fishing, so it’s a nice reason to re-explore Kilima and Bahari Bay.

Singularity Six also shared a look at the Temple of the Gales, which will continue the game’s main story quest. The Temple of the Gales follows the first two elemental temples, which were themed around water and fire. Exploring the Temple of the Gales will unlock new decorations and recipes, as well as new bundles for players to fill up over time.

Palia is currently available free on PC. The game will come to the Nintendo Switch in a future update.

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